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  • Plusmedic-Blood-Transfusion-Set

    Blood Transfusion Set


    The Plusmedic Blood Transfusion Set is an essential and reliable medical device used for the safe and efficient administration of blood and blood products. Its components are carefully designed to maintain the integrity and sterility of the transfusion process.

  • Plusmedic-Cotton



    Plusmedic Cotton is a reliable and versatile product that can be used for various healthcare and personal care needs. Its softness, absorbency, and hypoallergenic properties make it a go-to choice in the field of healthcare and beyond.

  • electrosurgery



    Overall, Plusmedic’s electrosurgery devices are trusted and reliable tools in the field of surgical medicine. They offer precise surgical control, patient comfort, and compatibility with various electrodes, ultimately contributing to successful surgical outcomes and improved patient care.

  • endotraqueal tube

    Endotraqueal Tube


    The Plusmedic Endotracheal Tube is a trusted medical device used in airway management and respiratory interventions. Its high-quality construction and patient-friendly design make it an essential tool for healthcare professionals in various clinical settings.

  • examination gloves

    Examination Gloves


    Plusmedic Examination Gloves are a trusted choice for healthcare professionals and other individuals who require hand protection in medical settings. Their high-quality construction and range of sizes provide a comfortable and secure fit, while their resistance to chemicals and punctures enhances safety.


    Face Mask


    The Plusmedic Face Mask is a reliable and comfortable option for individuals seeking protection against airborne particles. Its high-quality design and adjustable features ensure a secure fit for various face shapes and sizes. Incorporating this mask into your routine can help promote a safer and healthier environment.

  • feeding tube

    Feeding Tube


    The Plusmedic feeding tube is a reliable and safe medical device used for enteral feeding. Its design and functionality aim to ensure patient comfort and minimize complications. Consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance on the use of the feeding tube.

  • foam electrodes

    Foam Electrodes


    Plusmedic foam electrodes are a trusted choice for healthcare professionals in the field of electrotherapy. With their comfortable foam backing and reliable adhesion, they provide accurate readings and effective treatment for patients.

  • foley



    The Plusmedic Foley catheter is a reliable and essential device for urinary drainage and management. Its high-quality construction and various size options make it suitable for a range of patient needs. Proper hygiene and care are key for maintaining the catheter’s efficacy and reducing the risk of complications.

  • heparin cap

    Heparin Cap


    The Plusmedic Heparin Cap is a reliable device used to maintain the patency of IV catheters and prevent blood clotting. Its use helps optimize medication delivery and minimize the risk of catheter-related complications.


    Hypodermic Needle


    The Plusmedic Hypodermic Needle is a reliable and safe option for healthcare professionals in various medical procedures. Its high-quality construction and easy compatibility make it a valuable tool in the field of healthcare.


    Infution Set


    The Plusmedic Infusion Set is a crucial medical device for the safe and effective delivery of intravenous therapies. Its sterile construction and pediatric sizing make it a suitable choice for administering fluids to children. Always consult with healthcare professionals for guidance on proper usage and follow best practices for safe administration.

  • intravenus catheter

    Intravenus Catheter


    The Plusmedic Intravenous Catheter is a reliable and efficient medical device for the safe delivery of fluids and medications. Its design and features prioritize patient comfort and healthcare worker safety, making it an essential tool in healthcare settings.

  • KN95 MASK

    KN95 Mask


    The Plusmedic KN95 Mask is a reliable and effective respiratory protection device. Its high-filtration capacity and comfortable design make it a suitable choice for protecting against airborne particles. By wearing this mask, individuals can help safeguard their health and the health of those around them.

  • Laparatomy Sponges

    Laparatomy Sponges


    The Laparotomy Sponges by Plusmedic are a reliable and essential tool in laparotomy surgeries. With their sterile packaging, absorbent properties, and non-adherent design, these sponges contribute to a successful surgical procedure and help maintain patient safety.

  • Nasal Oxygen Cannula

    Nasal Oxygen Cannula


    The Plusmedic Nasal Oxygen Cannula is a reliable and comfortable medical device for oxygen delivery. Its design and flexibility provide patients with an efficient and unobtrusive method of receiving necessary oxygen therapy. Always consult a healthcare professional for proper usage and guidance.